Made in collaboration with Karin Blomgren at Kraft – rom for kunsthåndverk, 27 March – 3 May 2015. Curator Martin Woll Godal.

The show was made up of two installations placed on opposite ends of the gallery that was otherwise left empty, interacting with the architecture and history of the space as Bank of Norway. The white wall looks like it is moving into the space, it is covered with a layer of white sticky clay that was made not to dry during the duration of the exhibition. The vault on the other side of the space was filled with earthenware clay that flowed out of it. The guests could enter the space and the clay got imprinted with footprints as it slowly dried out.

On one end the material stays wet trough out the exhibition period on the other it slowly dries and cracks.

Photos by Bjarte Bjørkum


Karin Blomgren_Erna Skúladóttir_Deposit_DSC0837Karin Blomgren_Erna Skúladóttir_Deposit_DSC0846Karin Blomgren_Erna Skúladóttir_Deposit_DSC0924Karin Blomgren_Erna Skúladóttir_Deposit_DSC0940Karin Blomgren_Erna Skúladóttir_Deposit_DSC0942

Support by:

Kulturrådet – Arts Council Norway & Bergen Kommune

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