Timelines – That Point in Space seems Infinitely Distant

A part of MA show at Bergen Kunsthall, 11 April – 4 May 2014.

In the basement of Bergen Kunsthall is a changing room. A imperfect space filled with imperfections in the wall that are called Infinities which were filled with Gold Leaf. The room had specific opening hours for guests to visit.

Photos by Bjarte Bjørkum

Erna El°nbjîrg Sk£lad¢ttir_Timelines_DSC5129Erna El°nbjîrg Sk£lad¢ttir_Timelines_DSC5133Erna El°nbjîrg Sk£lad¢ttir_Timelines_DSC5136Erna El°nbjîrg Sk£lad¢ttir_Timelines_DSC5139Erna El°nbjîrg Sk£lad¢ttir_Timelines_DSC5142Erna El°nbjîrg Sk£lad¢ttir_Timelines_DSC5145Erna El°nbjîrg Sk£lad¢ttir_Timelines_DSC5146

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