Of Dark Wood or Rich Soil

Work made for the biannual exhibition Tendenser at Punk Ø – Galleri F15

Made in collaboration with Karin Blomgren,  19 March – 7 June 2016.

Materials: Adobe Clay and Terra Sigillata Slip.

Dimensions: approx. 3x7m

Of Dark Wood or Rich Soil was a large site spesific sculpture made for the grand staircase leading up to the galleries at Galleri F15. Its shape derives from old large paintings, generally presented in Grand Houses. The form and the materials its made of point to the history of the house as an farm and a gallery historically showcasing paintings – the ‘canvas’ of the piece was made of white unfired Adobe clay and the was paint an earthy Terra Cotta slip.   

Karin Blomgren og Erna E. Skúladóttir

VK_PUNKT ù_F15_299-HDR



Support by:

Punkt Ø – Galleri F15

Kulturrådet – Arts Council Norway

Bergen Kommune

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