Made in collaboration with Karin Blomgren for Parcours Céramique Carougeois Biennial – an event of the Fondation Bruckner – in Geneva.

15. September – 24 September 2017.

Shapes of landscape are in eternal transition, in constant change, each form at its own unique speed. The speed can be slow or it can be fast moving and sudden, such as mudslides or avalanches. As a part of our landscape architecture follows a similar path of destruction and change, slow at first, then picking up speed in later stages of ruination. 

Materials: Brick Clay

Photos by Fondation Bruckner – Irina Popa

PCC2017-Inundation-Blomgren-Skuladottir©Fondtion_Bruckner (19)PCC2017-Inundation-Blomgren-Skuladottir©Fondtion_Bruckner (3)PCC2017-Inundation-Blomgren-Skuladottir©Fondtion_Bruckner (9)PCC2017-Inundation-Blomgren-Skuladottir©Fondtion_Bruckner (18)PCC2017-Inundation-Blomgren-Skuladottir©Fondtion_Bruckner (11)PCC2017-Inundation-Blomgren-Skuladottir©Fondtion_Bruckner (15)PCC2017-Inundation-Blomgren-Skuladottir©Fondtion_Bruckner (12)

Support by: Fondation Bruckner, Bergen Kommune, Kulturrådet – Arts Council Norway, Norske Billedkunstnere and Myndlistarsjóður Íslands – Icelandic Art Fund