Made in collaboration with Karin Blomgren for Vestlandsutstillingen 2018 at Kunsthall Stavanger.

Curator: Randi Grov Berger

14. June – 12. August 2018.

(Montana, 2016) A group of boulders, thousands of metres above sea level, stranded between pine trees, the ground soft with needles, ready to ignite. Glacial Erratics. I squeezed my body between two of the large rocks, separate but close, the masses sat in direct relation to one another. Between them I listened, pressing my back against one and turning my cheek against the other, they held me there; in time and place. Within the gap, their charged limits, seemed frontiers of an uncertain attraction. Maybe the enormity of geology and landscape is more readily understood by body than mind anyway. Walking, smelling, feeling with your skin, absorbing sounds, only then can you start to accept geological time and the immense materials of earth.

(Excerpt from, Co-authoring Geology, exhibition text written by Phoebe Cummings)

Materials: Non drying clay

Photos by Oddbjørn Erland Aarstad


Made with generous support from: Bergen Kommune, Kulturrådet – Arts Council Norway, Norske Billedkunstnere,  Myndlistarsjóður Íslands – Icelandic Art Fund, Nordic Culture Point – Mobility Funding, Muggur Travel Fund and the Icelandic Art Center

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