Beyond the Object

“In Beyond the Object contemporary ceramic artists show their current approaches to how they treat and process their material. The works shown are extensive and genre-crossing, and sprung from exploratory practices, which are explicitly revising the making and the material itself. The artists are investigating the sense of the place through works that often reside in the borderland between architecture and performance. The body, ecology and human effects on nature, production and tradition of ceramics are thematic concerns that are touched upon in the exhibition. The works relate to the spatial conditions in site-specific projects and are presented as large-scale installations.”

Curators: Curator group SLAM -Annika Enqvist, Henny Linn Kjellberg, Moa Lönn (SE)

2. June – 16. September 2018 at Uppsala Konstmuseum

Photos by Pär Fredin

Video interview and information




By dispersing the clay in water the process divides the material into something that looks like geological layers with the most coarse particles on the bottom and the fines on top. It becomes a spectrum of the different colours that are inherent within one small lump of clay. As the finest particles float in water they let light beautifully through its orange/brown hues while the ones sitting on the bottom make complex looking landscapes ranging from gray to brown to red.


Materials: Local clay, plexiglass tubes, dispex






Skin and Bones

Ground: The solid surface of the earth, land of a specified kind, an area of knowledge or subject of discussion or thought. A prepared surface to which paint is applied, a substance used to prepare a surface for painting./
(Grounds) solid particles, which form a residue; sediment./

(Apple dictionary) 


Cast representation of the shape of clay, wet and dry.

Materials: Pigments made from local clay, paint medium, glue






The projects were generously supported by: Bergen Kommune, Kulturrådet – Arts Council Norway, Norske Billedkunstnere, Myndlistarsjóður Íslands – Icelandic Art Fund and Muggur Travel Fund

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