Erna E Skúladóttir (b.1983 Reykjavik) is an Icelandic visual artist, living and working in-between Norway and Iceland, since graduating with a MA in Fine Art from Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2014). She is currently working on the project “Landscapes of Transformation: Illusion of Stability”, a site-specific project based in ceramics and geology which investigates transformation and fluidity of raw materials. She has an ongoing collaboration with Karin Blomgren where they make together large, spatial installations out of unfired clay.

Her work has been exhibited at British Ceramic Biennial; Bergen Kunsthall; KRAFT, Bergen; Punkt Ø – Gallery F15, Moss; Hafnarborg, Iceland; Parcours Céramique Carougeois International Biennial, Switzerland; Kunsthall Stavanger, Uppsala Konstmuseum and Konstmuseet i Norr. She recently won first prize at the European Ceramic Context for her work ‘Still Waters’.

“In my work I examine relationships between the real and fantastical nature of change and transformation. I do so through observations, followed by manipulations of landscape, architecture and natural materials. ‘Landscapes of Transformation’ (such as cracks and layering of materials) that speak of a duration of any kind receive a special attention – in particular where the fluidity and fragility of a solid matter is exposed and stability can be revealed as an illusion. It is in the tension between different ways and tempos of natural movement that I find my inspiration – all materials flow in cycles; rocks as well as water.”

Working on Inundation for PCC. Image by Fondation Bruckner – Irina Popa

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